Benefits of Hiring a Slip and Fall Attorney in Des Moines, IA

There are a lot of personal injury cases where individuals can represent themselves but, to get the best results, one should engage the services of an experienced attorney. This is particularly true in cases where the individual is the victim of a slip and fall accident.

Determining the Responsible Party

Determining the responsible party or parties in a slip and fall incident is usually difficult. It requires the expertise of a lawyer experienced in handling such cases. Such lawyers undertake a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the case as well as the location of the accident to determine the responsible party. Once that has been done, the slip and fall attorney in Des Moines, IA can begin negotiations with the individuals and the insurance firm.

Takes the Slip and Fall Case to Court

If the individual refuses to take responsibility, the slip and fall lawyer can go ahead and take the case to court. They follow all court procedures and ensure the relevant paperwork is correctly filed. Slip and fall attorneys also represent their clients during court proceedings and do everything within their power to ensure a favorable outcome.

Proving the Defendant’s Negligence

This means proving beyond reasonable doubt that the defendants were negligent in their duties, thus creating or enabling the circumstances that led to the accident. Although this is fairly simple in personal injury cases such as auto collisions and pedestrian accidents, it is far more complex in slip and fall cases.

Proving Liability

The lawyer has to visit the scene of the incident to determine all the factors that caused the slip and fall accident. Once this has been done, local, state and federal laws will need to be examined to ensure the owner of the premises violated any safety or building regulations, or if the condition of the building is up to standards. Once this has been done, the lawyer then moves to the process of calculating the effect of the injury on the well-being and lifestyle of the victim, which is vital to prove damages.

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