Benefits of Heating Oil In Bristol CT

There are several types of heating systems on the market today and each uses a different type of fuel to heat. Heating oil is one of the most popular fuels today for a variety of reasons. There are several benefits that Heating Oil Bristol CT has that many other types of fuel don’t.

Oil Is Clean

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, oil is the cleanest combustion sources of heat on the market today. Oil-based furnaces are also clean. This is because of all the advancements that have been made in furnace technology.

Oil is Cost-Effective

When comparing oil and natural case, oil is more cost-effective. On average, a gallon of heating oil costs 40 percent less than natural gas. When oil is burning, it produces 140,000 BTU’s and natural gas produces 100,000 BTU’s. When compared to furnaces powered by electricity, heating oil is much less expensive. According to the Department of Ecology Studies, oil is the least expensive way to heat the home.

Oil is Eco-Friendly

Heating oil is environmentally friendly. Not only is oil biodegradable, it also contains no carcinogens and it is non-toxic. Carbon monoxide is a product in all heating fuels. If the homeowner uses oil heat, there will be clear indicators if there is something wrong. Before the air in the home becomes deadly, the homeowner will see the signs. This is not the case with natural gas.

Heating Oil is Safe

Heating oil is one of the safest fuels. It won’t produce any toxic vapors or gases that can fill the home. In order for the oil to ignite, special equipment is necessary. The oil will only ignite in the right circumstances. For example, if a person were to put a match near the heating oil, it won’t ignite. This is not the case with natural gas or propane. If a match is lit near these fuels, there could be an explosion.

Various Supply Options

There are oil suppliers all over the country and all over the world, therefore, there won’t be an oil shortage. Also, many oil companies offer options such as scheduled deliveries, payment plans, and cash on delivery. This makes it easy for homeowners on all budgets to afford to heat their homes.

Of all the fuel options, Heating Oil Bristol CT has the most benefits. For more information, visit website. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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