Benefits of Having a Professional Air Conditioning Company in Buffalo Grove IL Inspect and Repair a Home’s Air Cooling System

Most air conditioning systems used in homes are designed to last well over ten years, provided they are regularly maintained. Many times a homeowner may be able to handle a good portion of this regular maintenance on his or her own. However, it is still a good idea to call a professional from an air conditioning company in Buffalo Grove, IL out every couple of years to do a more thorough inspection and maintenance.

When a professional begins maintenance on an air cooling system, they will generally need to spend time working on the unit outside. Since this unit is generally exposed to the elements, it can often become bogged down with debris from trees, yards and other matter. This will need to be cleared from the outside of the housing on the unit before the unit is put in service. In addition, many times the vegetation around the unit may have grown during the prior months and is blocking the flow of air to the unit. This will need to be corrected as well.

Once the housing and area around the unit is cleaned, the technician from an air conditioning company in Buffalo Grove, IL will then be able to begin work at cleaning the coils on the unit. The coils tend to trap a lot of dirt when the unit is in use and they can attract dirt during the off-season as well. They should be cleaned using high-pressure water and special coil cleaner. The fins on the unit can also become caked in dirt and will need to be cleaned using a soft brush.

After the unit is cleaned, the repair person from a company, like CSL Climate Control Company, will need to spend time inspecting the various components on the unit. The motor should be checked to ensure it is not showing any signs of damage, such as burn or scotch marks. Wiring to the unit should also be checked to make sure the wires are in good order and not damaged or deteriorating. The fan on the system will need inspection as well. If any of these elements are not in good shape, the technician will need to replace the elements before the unit is started for the summer season.

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