Benefits of CNC Metal Bending in the Machine Shop

Today’s machine shop looks different from the one of yesterday. Analog controls are being replaced by digital technology, delivering more precise and faster fabrication services. In fact, machinery like used CNC press brakes are giving many shops the chance to update without going over budget. Let’s explore the benefits a shop can receive by adopting more CNC metal bending equipment.

What is a Press Brake?

This equipment is used to bend a wide range of sheet or plate metal and contains two “C” shaped frames on the sides. Between the upper and lower beams is a table where the metal is placed. The machine has the capacity to grab and bend the material (upper beam comes down onto the metal) making it simple and easy to bend in many directions. It then releases it, allowing for additional bending. Press brakes can be:

  • Mechanical – uses an electric powered motor and flywheel. When a clutch comes in contact with the flywheel, it operates a crank which moves the ram up and down.
  • Hydraulic – upper beam is moved vertically by two hydraulic cylinders. This provides more precise control.
  • Pneumatic – utilizes air pressure instead of hydraulics
  • Electric – upper beam is driven by a servo motor attached to a belt drive.

Computer Numeric Control

CNC has brought a new dimension to the modern shop, because of equipment like new and used press brakes. Here are some of the benefits:

Simple Operation

Computerized equipment is user friendly and doesn’t require a great deal of skill.

Easy Setup

Setting up these machines is easy as the operator only needs to change settings on the control panel screen. In fact, many panels actually show the operator what to do for proper setup.

Cost Effective

Reconditioned or used CNC press brakes are an economical way to save on labor costs.

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