Benefits of Choosing Plastic Re-Pipe by Emergency Plumber in Prince George’s MD

After using iron pipes for some years, you may start noticing dirty, smelly water coming from faucets. This is an indication that your plumbing system is undergoing some wear and tear, and if you keep procrastinating fixing them soon or later you are going to experience burst pipes and leaks. If you happen to experience a burst pipe in the middle of the night, calling in an emergency plumber in Prince George’s MD to do a re-pipe for you would be the best option. Since you don’t want to make the same mistake in your piping material, why not choose plastic pipes which come with the following benefits:

Rust resistant

Metal pipes corrode with time resulting to brownish water coming from faucets. This can cause some health complications especially where there are some traces of copper. Plastic pipes are however resistant to rust and corrosion; they don’t corrode regardless of where they are installed and the weather conditions there. PVC and CPVC pipes don’t easily develop some buildup that can lead to blockage. These buildups may at times lower the water pressure or even cause clogging in drains.

Saves energy

Plastic is a poor conductor of heat, and this is an advantage when it comes to saving heat and energy. Where hot liquids need to be transported, plastic pipes are best because they don’t lose heat so quickly as compared to their counterparts like iron. These pipes are also the best for homeowners who use water on a daily basis because water in PVC pipes will remain hot for longer and thus no need to keep heating. This saves them a lot of energy.

Recyclable and long lasting

Most plastics including PVC pipes are recyclable. This fact makes them more available, and this also helps in the conservation of the environment. They are also known to have a lifespan of approximately 25 years before any repair is needed.


Plastic pipes are more affordable than copper or metal pipes. This is because their initial production cost is much cheaper, and they are also light therefore making their transportation easier so by the time they get to the consumer, the overall cost is just something that one can afford.

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