Benefits of Chimney Capping in Norfolk

A chimney cap is the screened device at the top of the chimney. Its main purpose is to keep out unwanted wildlife from entering the chimney and your home. It can also keep out weather, which is important for mildew and erosion prevention. Chimney Capping Norfolk VA can and should be performed by a certified chimney sweep.

Types of chimney caps
There are two types of chimney caps. The first are chimney caps that are installed at the top of the chimney and the second are chimney caps that are installed inside. Both fundamentally serve the same purpose. They can be made out of various materials such as aluminum, copper and galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is usually the preferred material to use for chimney caps as it is less susceptible to rust and best suited to handle moist weather and smoke.

Chimney caps to deter wildlife
The most important reason to have a chimney cap installed is to keep unwanted animals out of the chimney. Animals such as birds, snakes, squirrels and raccoons have been known to climb in chimneys and they usually can’t get themselves out. These types of animals often carry diseases and it is best to avoid contact with them. Many times these animals become trapped and die inside the chimney. Birds love to build their nests inside chimneys because it is cozy and warm. In the event this does occur, chimney capping and repair companies in Norfolk VA often provide services to remove the wildlife. They can also repair, replace, or install chimney caps as well.

Other benefits of chimney caps
If a chimney cap is not installed water from rain and snow is free to enter the chimney. This may not seem like a big deal, but if the moisture finds its way into the house through a crack it can cause water damage to the walls and ceiling. Another reason to install a chimney cap is because an open chimney causes downdrafts. This can cause the house to fill up with smoke. Another benefit of a chimney cap is that it acts as a spark deflector. This is crucial because sparks can fly out of an open chimney and land on the roof increasing the risk of a fire.

Who can install a chimney cap?
Virtually anyone can install a chimney cap. While this is true, most homeowners find the task daunting. First, one must get up to the highest point of the structure where a chimney usually terminates. Along with the hassle of accessing the top of the chimney, one must also bring all of the supplies and tools necessary to do the job. Depending on the type of cap it may need to be secured to the chimney structure, which requires the use of a hammer drill and carbide drill. Many people just choose to leave it up to the professionals. There are local companies who can provide Chimney Capping Norfolk VA, if it is decided that having someone else install the cap would be ideal.




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