Benefiting from the Services Found at an Orthodontist near Peoria, AZ

Crooked teeth can negatively impact your self esteem. You may feel embarrassed about smiling or talking with people in public. You also may have difficulties chewing food or forming words, which can lead to more social embarrassment.

Instead of living with a crooked smile, you can undergo treatment for it. You can get the services that you need from a professional orthodontist near Peoria, AZ.

Fitted for Braces

The most common service that this dental care provider offers is fitting patients with braces. The process of getting braces entails several steps. It starts with molds being taken off your teeth so an initial set of braces can be created for you.

After your initial set of braces are put on, you then will visit with your dental provider often to make sure that they are maneuvering your teeth back into proper alignment. Your braces may be tightened or adjusted with bands to make sure teeth are moving back to where they need to be.

Using a Retainer

After your braces are taken off your teeth, you will then be fitted with a retainer to wear. Your dental provider will advise you to wear this retainer to keep your teeth in place. He or she may also monitor your teeth and adjust the retainer as needed.

An orthodontist near Peoria, AZ, offers important services for people with crooked teeth. He or she will fit you with braces and provide you with a retainer.

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