Beauty in Minneapolis, MN: How to Choose the Right Hair Color

You are thinking of making an appointment at a hair color salon in Minneapolis, MN, but you want to make sure you are getting the right hair color. To do this, you need a color that complements your skin’s undertones, and that’s what you’ll learn here.

Wash Your Face

The first thing you need to do is clean your face. This needs to be done thoroughly to make sure you can see your skin’s undertones. You can’t have any makeup on because it can alter the color you see.

Use the Light

It’s important to do this test in a place that’s well lit. Now, this does not mean fluorescent lighting or anything like that. Just because your room is bright, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see your undertones. You want a room full of strong natural light that can highlight your color.

Check the Veins

You can see if your undertones are warmer or cooler by checking your veins. Flip your wrists over under natural light and see what the veins in your wrist look like. If they seem green, then your undertones are warmer. If your veins have a purple or blueish look to them, then you’re on the cooler side.

All you need to do after that is go to your trusted hair color salon in Minneapolis, MN, and tell the stylist what you found out. The stylist should be able to use your skin’s undertones to suggest hair colors that’ll help you look your best.

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