Be Consistent in Treating Asthma in Columbus MS

Asthma can be a very difficult disease to manage. For some of the people who have it, breathing is fine and feels perfectly normal the vast majority of the time. Under the wrong conditions, however, that same person can worsen very rapidly and end up needing emergency medical care. Because of this, it’s vitally important that anyone who has Asthma in Columbus MS be consistent in seeking medical care and in following a doctor’s recommendations for controlling the disease.

Good control of asthma is vital to a child’s overall health. Kids who have an easy time breathing normally, but then develop wheezing and other difficulties when they exert themselves, will sometimes try to compensate by avoiding exertion. They’ll be reluctant to join a game of kickball or to sign up for the local baseball team. This is a big problem because it makes the child’s overall health worse. Without regular physical activity, kids become less physically fit. This has negative implications for their overall health, and specifically tends to make breathing more difficult, especially since someone who isn’t physically fit finds more activities to be strenuous.

Ongoing maintenance can help to maintain a child’s overall health. Doctors can test children to see what level their lung function is at and whether they are all right with just a rescue inhaler or they need to add on maintenance medications. For some kinds, temporarily going on something like a steroid can help their breathing improve. Once that happens, they can become more active and fit, and their asthma naturally starts to become less severe. Ultimately, the goal is to make additional medications beyond rescue inhalers a purely temporary measure.

Every case of Asthma in Columbus MS is unique. Before you make any changes to your child’s lifestyle or medications, you can make an appointment at Children’s Health Center of Columbus Inc. for an evaluation and to get advice about what would be best for your child’s health. This is a disease that sticks around in most people for a lifetime, but kids who learn how to manage it and to stay healthy early have a much better chance of living an active life.

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