Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Miami Boost Satisfaction With the Space

Most people aren’t fabulously wealthy, but they can have certain features in their homes that make them feel richer than they are. Bathroom remodeling contractors in Miami can complete changes to the master bath that allow homeowners to enjoy a room with more upscale products than the house originally included. With some creative thinking, it’s possible to complete a luxurious bathroom on a budget.

Wall Tile

If the original bathtub and shower combination is a high-quality product, it likely is still in excellent condition after many years of use. Replacing the wall protection materials might be an opportunity to give this area a facelift. Bathroom remodeling contractors in Miami can install a different color of wall tile, for example.


An updated sink, faucet and countertop can have a significant impact. The remodeling contractor can provide examples of possibilities that fit within the client’s budget. Replacing old cabinets and drawers is another way to make a noteworthy change.


Homeowners may want to replace linoleum flooring with a more attractive material but don’t know what might be affordable. Ceramic tile is a suitable option. It costs less than glass and porcelain tiling while still looking higher-end than most vinyl and linoleum products.


Depending on the age of the home, the light fixture over the mirror may look dated. Replacing a fixture that runs the length of the mirror with sconces mounted to the wall could be an appealing possibility.

Concluding Thoughts

By making careful decisions, homeowners can achieve a completely satisfying yet affordable bathroom remodel. Information about Armando Gonzalez Remodeling can be viewed at