Bathroom Exhaust Fans Save Money and Health

Bathrooms can get humid. Hot showers can create large amounts of steam causing the bathroom to become uncomfortable and also cause mold and rot. What is the solution to making your bathroom cooler and keep the air fresh? Install a bathroom exhaust fan.

Clear the Air

Air quality can be an issue with bathrooms. In fact entering a bathroom after the wrong person leaves can be downright nasty. Poor air quality can be the source of many problems.

Poor air quality can cause health problems also. Plus, it is just not sanitary. A bathroom exhaust fan can quickly eliminate bad air replacing it with cool fresh air.

Safety First

Another benefit is the fan will help push hot, humid air out while bringing in cooler air. Hot air, or steam, can cause another health risk; mold. Mold can cause serious health problems. And if you have curious young ones running around they could mistake it for something edible. It can also cause respiratory problems and other illnesses.

If you find yourself constantly removing mold and mildew from bathtubs and other areas, a bathroom exhaust fan can fix that. By keeping the air cool and circulating, mildew is less likely to grow and mold will be eliminated. Both need water to survive. They get that water from the humid air produced from hot showers.

A bathroom exhaust fan can save you money on repairs and restorations also. Humid and stagnant air can cause wood rot. Replacing paneling can be expensive and it is surely inconvenient. It can also cause paperboard walls to crack and separate. Replacing a wall is never a good thing.

A small but noticeable difference is more about convenience than anything else. Tired of those mirrors fogging up? Let a bathroom exhaust fan swap that hot air with fresh cool stuff.

Choose Right

If you decide to purchase a bathroom exhaust fan, here a couple considerations. Make sure you get the right size. Bathroom exhaust fans come in all kinds of sizes. The rule of thumb is having 1 cubic feet per minute of air movement (CFM) of capacity for every square foot of space.

Look to put the fan near the shower and toilet. These are the trouble areas. The most intense amount of hot air comes from the shower. The toilet offers a plethora of smells and aromas. By putting the bathroom exhaust fan near these areas it will be most effective.

When you take a shower, run the bathroom exhaust fan for about twenty minutes. This is ample time to replace the hot air with cooler air. Follow this simple step and you will find you are cleaning mold and mildew less and less.

Bathroom exhaust fans come in many styles. Some have lights, timers and even humidistat for automatic operations. So get one installed and enjoy!

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