Basic Packing Advice For Movers

When it comes time for the movers to pick up your stuff in Nashville, you need to be ready. While it is never anyone’s favorite thing to do, packing is an integral part of any move. Everyone agrees no one should neglect this component. To make sure you do it properly requires your heeding a few simple tips.

Simple Packing Tips

As soon as you have made all the arrangements in Nashville, start to think about packing. Do not think too long. It is essential to pack as soon as you possibly can. In other words:

 * Pack early: Start more than a month before, particularly if you have a house. Believe me when I say, it always takes longer than you think to pack up all your stuff

 * Purge: Go through all the stuff you have. Eliminate anything you do not need or for which you have not a use. If you have not used an item in a year, get rid of it. Give it to a charity or sell it online. The only exceptions are sentimental items. You may even change that designation for some items when you find your movers are charging by weight.
 * Organize: Organize everything you pack. Even if you do not want to create an inventory of each box, at least label the contents clearly. You can even color-code boxes and rooms to ensure the items stay together.

 * Focus: Focus on the tasks. Simplify this by doing one room at a time.

 * Containers: Make sure the containers you choose are suitable to the contents. Never put books or other similarly weighty items in a large box.


If you plan to move from Nashville, make sure you understand your role in preparation. Be sure to do all packing in advance. If you have any questions, talk to your movers. They may be able to offer a few suggestions on making the move an easier one.

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