Bandit Raccoon Removal in Moore OK Should Be Done By the Professionals

It’s easy to call raccoon’s bandits, not only for the masked face they have that mimics a bandits mask, but for the peace and serenity they steal from homeowners. Raccoons are some of the worst and destructive wildlife issues homeowners have to deal with, and if they have moved into your residence you’ll be aware of it rather quickly. If this happens to you be sure to hire a professional for Raccoon Removal in Moore OK, as these creatures only look harmless.

The unfortunate truth about raccoons is that they will routine attack when they feel threatened. With their razor sharp teeth and long sharp claws they make for extremely troublesome and dangerous hazards to any home. Never send a pet or animal after the raccoons to try and rid them from your residence as these animals are one of the most common animals to carry the rabies virus. Not only are the diseases that they carry a danger but their defenses of claws can shred a domesticated animal of any size.

Raccoons are fierce when their home is threatened making yet another strong case for hiring a professional for raccoon removal in Moore OK. One of the best ways these professionals use to clear a home of an infestation is through the use of live traps. This way the animal can be relocated far from the residential neighborhoods into a wildlife habitat. This is an important fact, as even if you were able to remove the animal yourself, most will find their way back to the nest they’ve created in your home.

Raccoons are omnivorous creatures; which means they are equally happy to dine on animals as they are plants. This makes any homes garbage an absolute buffet for raccoons. They are very skilled at removing even tightly shut garbage cans tops to gain access to the food supply inside. With their heightened sense of smell, any food items or garbage not in a metal can is easy pickings for a hungry raccoon.

One of the most troublesome problems with a raccoon infestation is the pregnant females. They will routinely make nests indoors in attics, where they have plenty of insulation for nest building, or even under porches or in crawl spaces. Once a mother raccoon delivers her litter she becomes extremely territorial and dangerous to both humans and pets. In order to remove both the protective mother and then the offspring a professional in raccoon removal in Moore OK will use a live trap to remove the mother first.

If you find that you do have a raccoon infestation you can be sure to inquire with Critter Control on our removal of the entire nest areas which we will also clean and remove. In addition we offer insulation replacement and repair services in the raccoon removal in Moore OK. If you have a wildlife or pest problem contact us to have a pest control technician out to your home right away. We are dedicated to humane and eco friendly wildlife removal.

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