Balancing His and Her Design in your New Condo

If you and your partner are looking for Condominiums for Sale on Ocean Avenue you might need to start giving some thought about how you can balance your individual design needs. One of the most common dilemmas is finding a balance between masculine and feminine tastes. Here are a few way to find a happy medium between the two.

About Feminine Decor

Let’s put aside the idea we are talking about what men and women prefer and instead focus on what is considered to be more feminine design details. There are both men and women who prefer feminine touches such as florals on fabrics and decorative accessories such as botanical prints or furniture with more curvy details in the form and shape of the design. There are also colors that are typically feminine such as lavenders, whites, creams and peaches. More delicate details in vases and urns, curvy lamps and more ornate details such as crystal chandeliers or fringes on furniture and cushions are all considered feminine touches.

About Masculine Decor

There are also of course women who might be drawn to more masculine décor details such as leather sofas and darker richer colors such as browns, deep neutrals and even black and gray. There are more angles and heavier lines to masculine furniture. As well masculine design leans towards a rustic feel which is often combined with industrial or natural items. Heavier, darker woods and reclaimed woods and metal are also common. Masculine architecture such as exposed brick and large beams as well as accessories such as horns or weapons and armor adds detail to the masculine interior. Masculine touches also include sports items and memorabilia

Finding Balance

Do not overplay any of the elements. Instead find balance. A masculine couch can be softened with feminine cushions or area rugs. More feminine looking furniture such as delicate chairs can be balanced with a focal point using a heavier leather couch. Make sure there are touches of both and then use colour to neutralize the room. White is the ultimate neutralizer but other colors such as sands, grays and browns can also be toned down using paler tones for a light and neutral back drop. Natural, neutral colors help provide harmony to balance masculine and feminine design elements.
Condominiums for sale on Ocean Avenue need balance and harmony to provide a welcome and cosy environment.



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