Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City And Skipped Court Dates

Defendants and their family members should know about Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City and what happens when court dates are missed. Some defendants are surprised when they are arrested for missing court dates. Any defendant who wants to remain free should learn how to avoid problems.

When Is The Next Court Date?

A defendant has to know when their next court date is and if their appearance is mandatory. In some cases, defendants don’t have to be present in court. A defendant’s lawyer can appear on behalf of the defendant if a hearing is just a formality and isn’t going to take much time. A defendant will be able to find out about court dates through their lawyer. A defendant shouldn’t wait for notifications by mail. If a worker for the court makes a mistake with the mailing, the defendant will still be held responsible for missing the court date.

What Might Happen?

When someone misses their court date, it’s up to the presiding judge to determine what action should be taken next. A judge might simply reschedule the date for the next day or sometime that week. The judge also has the option of issuing a bench warrant for the defendant’s arrest. Anyone who needs help getting a family member out of jail can use Facebook to find A Absolute Bail Bonds.

What About Bail?

People who work with Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City know that a person’s bail can be revoked for any one of several reasons. MissingĀ a court date is one of those reasons. Some judges have a zero-tolerance policy for missing court. A criminal complaint might have a defendant in court a lot. That could mean time missed at work. It’s easy to see why some defendants miss court, but by doing so, they usually just get themselves into more trouble.

A defendant who has to rely on public transportation and is employed might have a hard time making all of their court dates. Sometimes, a defendant has to wait in a courtroom for an hour just to see the judge for a few minutes. It’s better to spend a few minutes in front of the judge than to have bail revoked.

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