Awnings In Frankfort Will Add Curb Appeal, Style, And Privacy To Any Building

If you have a deck or outside area of your home that you would love to use and requires shade, Awnings Frankfort will help. Awnings provide a home with curb appeal and allow a homeowner to enjoy their outdoor living space without feeling as if the sun is baking them. The awnings that are manufactured today allow more flexibility than the ones that were made years ago that were made of aluminum.

A homeowner can choose from motorized or manual awnings that will immediately create the protection they need from the sun. Another added benefit of an awning that is often overlooked is the energy savings it can provide.

Energy Savings

Solar radiation through glass increases the indoor temperature of a home and causes an air conditioning system to operate 20% more. A homeowner can reduce the heat gain by 55-65% during the time of the day when the sun shines directly on doors and windows. With Awnings Frankfort installed, this heat from the sun will be reduced through the glass and significantly reduce energy costs in a home.

Fabrics And Colors

Unlike the old metal awnings that were usually painted blue or green awnings for a patio now come in a variety of woven acrylic colors that include vertical stripes and solid colors. The material is water repellant and provides a luxurious look to any home. Some of the colors include natural linen, saddle, wheat, island brown, mocha, river rock, navy, red brick, cranberry, western red, and many more.

Knowing How The Awning Will Look

Investing in an awning for a patio or deck is made easier when a homeowner can visualize the finished product. A homeowner can upload a picture of their home straight to a website and see how the finished Awnings Frankfort will look on their home. They can select from the various colors to determine which one will enhance their home.

A Better Door & Window offers beautiful awnings that come with a five-year warranty. You can choose to install the awning on your own or they will do it for you. Browse the website to see all of the outstanding products and services they offer.

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