Avoiding These Amateur Mistakes in Pursuing an Auto Related Personal Injury Claim

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Lawyers

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The court of law sees the overall picture, and what is deserved may not always be what is earned. auto accidents in Tacoma can be the first step towards an expensive and emotionally demanding court case. But at the end of it, an individual wants a victorious and justified ending. These two frustratingly common amateur mistakes can be seen right through by the courts and could result in a loss or a different payout.

Attend All Doctor Appointments, and Get Confirmation

The court will reward the proper settlement for medical expenses after auto accidents in Tacoma if they can confirm that the individual has been seeing a doctor. This proof that appointments have been met is provided by official documentation from Sadler Ladenburg in Tacoma. This will further be matched with expense reports from the doctor and insurance offices, and they will hopefully be consistent. But the worst thing an individual can do is miss a doctor’s appointment in the aftermath of an accident. This sets the tone that the injuries are not all that pressing. This could apply to a physical therapy meeting or an appointment with the main physician. Regardless, a missed appointment or canceled meeting sends a certain message and a perception that can derail an entire case in the wrong direction.

Bending the Truth

This may be something people do on a weekly basis when socializing, but it cannot carry to court. The main issue with lying, apart from all the obvious consequences, is that it sets a precedent that anything the individual does or says is up for extra debate: “If they lied there, what about here?” It is a dangerous game that opens the door for an integrity whitewashing and possibly a lost case.

These mistakes after auto accidents in Tacoma may set a certain tone, it could make the injuries seem inconsequential or that the accident is partially the fault of the one seeking the settlement. Stay away from even mild exaggerating or fibbing, and attend all appointments to promote the narrative that the injury is substantial, because it is. Regular doctor attendance is good for recovery but it is also good for establishing your story with to court.

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