Auto Repair in Arlington, VA Can Be Avoided with Regular Oil Changes

Getting your oil changed is important, especially if you want to reduce the incidence of auto repair in Arlington, VA. Places such as the Shirley Duke Shell make it possible for you to conveniently schedule oil changes during a lunch hour, after work, or on the weekends.

Why You Should Schedule Regular Oil Changes

If you don’t have your oil regularly changed, you can damage your auto’s internal parts. That is because as you continue to drive your car, the oil becomes diluted and ends up breaking down. When this happens, it can lead to engine damage and even replacement. So, keep a regular check on your oil and other fluids in your car. That way, any auto repair that is needed will be more preventative and less costly in nature.

A Complete Check of the Engine

When you have an oil change, a technician can also perform a complete check of your engine. This inspection and service offering may include the following auto repair or maintenance tasks:

     *     Inspection of the air filter.

     *     Exchanging the brake fluid.

     *     Servicing or replacing the coolant.

     *     Repair of the timing belt.

     *     Cleaning the fuel system.

     *     Aligning the wheels.

     *     Checking the wiring and spark plugs.

             *     Replacing the transmission fluid.

Keep Your Auto in Optimum Running Condition

When you change the oil and check the engine, you are keeping your engine and car in optimum working order. This type of ongoing inspection and maintenance ensures that your car will perform well even when it is older.

A Full-Service Oil Change

Choose a mechanic or maintenance facility that offers a full-service oil change and the required diagnostics and services that will keep your car running in tip-top form. Refer to your owner’s manual to find out when it is necessary to regularly change your oil. Once you start making it a habit to have your car maintained in this way, you will enjoy driving more and experience less frustration when it comes to the cost of repair.

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