Asphalt Paving Contractors in Middletown CT Build Driveways for Residential Properties

Residential property owners have a variety of choices for driveway materials, although there may be some zoning restrictions depending on where they live. Although they might have the option of choosing brick, stone or decorative gravel, most want Paving Contractors in Middletown CT to construct a driveway of concrete or asphalt. If the land has some drainage problems, they may choose a permeable paving option like areas of concrete separated by small areas of grass.

Stain Resistance

Asphalt driveways have the advantage of being cheaper to have installed by Paving Contractors in Middletown CT and a better ability to hide stains. Oil and other leaks from vehicles will leave permanent stains unless they are not cleaned up right away. This can be impractical when the household residents have older vehicles that are prone to leaking power steering fluid or other fluids. Power washing concrete can dramatically reduce the darkness of the marks, and keeping asphalt seal coated is a protective measure.

Aesthetic Appeal

Exterior designers tend to agree that blacktop is more eye-catching and aesthetically appealing than a gray slab of concrete for a driveway. That’s an important consideration for property owners who want all of their landscaping to look like something special. They might choose a wood deck or a brick patio instead of a concrete slab in back of the house in addition to the asphalt driveway.

About Installation

People may occasionally see workers patching asphalt in rainy or snowy conditions, but generally, it’s best to do the work in dry weather. Cold temperatures interfere with the hot mix of the material as well. New homes built over the winter may still be able to have a blacktop driveway installed during thawing spells.

Usually workers from a company such as Sullivan Paving grade the surface for the driveway and then place an aggregate layer of materials like gravel and crushed stone before pouring the asphalt. A long rural driveway that is expected to have drainage problems where it meets with the road could have a culvert and an O pipe installed underneath. Otherwise, in winter, puddles of water freeze and create icy conditions. Click Here for information on this particular contractor.

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