Ask a Child Custody Attorney in Mequon, WI about Your Rights

If your marriage comes to an end, you and your spouse’s roles as parents must be defined for the best interest of your children. Therefore, divorce also involves deciding on custody and placement of your children. How well you manage the process will also impact your children’s overall well-being.

Consult with a Legal Specialist

That is why you need to talk to a child custody attorney in Mequon, WI. By talking to a legal specialist, you can ensure the welfare of your children. Normally, custody and placement laws make it possible for parents to come to a custody agreement before they set a court date.

By definition, child custody is the right to legally make the primary decisions about your children’s care. Therefore, decisions that are made may concern where your children will attend church or school, or where they will receive health care. Other major decisions may involve consenting to a child’s marriage or their enrollment in the military.

Sole and Joint Custody Arrangements

Legal child custody can be either sole or joint. So, if joint custody is awarded, parents take an equal responsibility in making decisions for their children. If a parent is awarded sole custody, then he or she accepts sole responsibility for making the primary decisions. Typically, parents agree on joint custody unless an agreement is made that grants sole custody to one parent. In such instances, a parent may request sole custody if the other partner was abusive.

Physical placement of children covers the times that a child or children are under the care of each parent. During physical placement, a parent has the right to make daily care decisions. Most courts present a time schedule of the days children can spend with each parent. Schedules can vary. For example, placement may be short with one parent and lengthy with the other parent. Or, the time period may be equal for each parent. You can find out more information about the process by contacting legal counsel in Wisconsin through Fraker Law Firm, S.C.

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