Arrested for Fighting? Hire an Assault Defense Lawyer in Mount Vernon

When a person is arrested on serious felony charges, they are still presumed innocent and entitled to a vigorous defense. The minute they are arrested they should tell the police that they want to call an Assault Defense Lawyer in Mount Vernon to represent them. This ensures that their rights are protected from the very beginning. It will also allow their attorney from Powers & Costeck to observe the police interrogation. This can give him a good indication of the case they have against his client. Ron Costeck and Jason Powers are both former prosecutors. Therefore they know how the district attorney’s office works to build cases.

The Assault Defense Lawyer in Mount Vernon can also prepare for the arraignment hearing where their client will be charged and bail will be set. It’s important for an attorney to get the charges lowered to less serious crimes whenever possible. This reduces the bail that will be necessary for their client to be released while they wait for their trial. It also reduces the amount of potential jail time the defendant will serve, if they are eventually convicted.

If the defendant has been arrested before, the police will often stop looking for anyone else once they have identified him. A defense attorney will review police reports and speak to witnesses. They will look for any evidence that someone else might have committed the crime. They can then question the police during the trial and use this to convince the jury that there is reasonable doubt that they did not commit the crime. They will also speak to witnesses and ensure that the police questioned them thoroughly. If they were asked to identify the defendant in a photo lineup, the lawyer will ensure that it was a fair lineup.

It’s also important that the defendant Contact Powers & Costeck PLLC early to ensure that they don’t give the police evidence against them. The lawyer will make sure that the defendant knows that police can listen to all of their phone calls and conversations at the jail. The only protected conversations are with their lawyer. So admissions they make to their friends and family can be used to build a case against them.

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