Arranging your artificial flowers the right way

Artificial flower arrangements do not differ a great deal from those designed using real, fresh flowers. There is a certain artistry involved in flower arranging and you will probably have noted that when you pass a display that has been professionally assembled, that the quality is outstanding. Someone with an eye for detail, a creative touch and someone who enjoys making people smile with their creations create those displays. Flowers appear in many thousands of different settings, such as weddings, funerals, window displays and parties.

Creating Your Own Perfect Arrangement

The premise to creating a good, decorative and professional looking arrangement is to start with the right foliage. This is great for start the framework of the arrangement and will form the foundation of your display. Your flower display should have a ‘face’ that is the center of attraction of the piece and to do this you will need to trim your artificial flower stems to different lengths. Look closely at the arrangements you see locally in stores or online and you will realize that they have a front, sides and a back. The front is the angle at which the flowers show their complete potential, the good side, so to speak.

You also need wispy elements such as jip, baby’s breath, or fern leaves just to create largeness and depth. The different shades of green will give it a 3D look. You also want to be somewhat geometric with your display. That is to say that it should not be too heavy on one side, but quite balanced. The middle should be the main area with the flowers and the buds, but the outer areas should be the greenery, the scenery and the pull to bring the eyes inward in much the same way as a good photograph.

The other thing to think about, along the lines of photography is composition. Much in the same way as a photograph has to be correctly composed, so does a flower arrangement, be it real flowers or artificial. The flower arrangement should be composed to appear to fill the screen with a focal point, such as one specific flower like a lily or an orchid. Making a focal point directs the eye to where you want it to look.

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