Are Your Entitled To File A No-Fault Case?

Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries in major roads of Hawaii due to motor accidents. Most of the time, the injured party assumes all financial burdens accrued due to the injury. The state is a no-fault insurance state which means it is quite difficult to file a No Fault claim in Hawaii after a vehicular accident. The injured party must purchase a personal insurance protection (PIP) in order to be eligible for a no-fault insurance claim. In Hawaii, the lowest PIP that is required for coverage is $10,000, which is intended to pay medical bills resulting from auto accidents.

This does not necessarily mean that if you get injured in an auto accident (or any personal injury) you do not have any options available if you get past the minimum amount. In fact, it is the other way around. Determining how much you are entitled to receive becomes very complex when you start to consider the pain and suffering caused by the injury. Perhaps, you may be able to calculate your lost wages or medical expenses because they are fixed, but quantifying health and psychological damages are best handled by experienced legal or health experts. Legal or health professionals definitely know how to quantify the injuries sustained by an individual. This is a complicated process that requires proper knowledge of the personal injury law, particularly in the no-fault system.

Unlike other states that are governed by tort insurance laws, states that follow no-fault have a more stringent process in filing claims. There are set levels of damage that the injured party should satisfy before they can move towards the legal system and further get their benefits. These levels are called thresholds and can be categorized as verbal and monetary thresholds.

In order for you to understand the intricacies of the law, it is important that you work with a personal injury lawyer or a healthcare facility that accepts No-Fault cases. In some states, the law relies only on verbal threshold while others require both. Under this level, serious injury is defined in plain language. Any injury that falls under the definition would mean there is a case.

Meanwhile, monetary threshold puts a minimum figure on the medical bills that should be reached so that a personal injury case can be filed. In Hawaii, a no fault personal injury case may be filed if the medical bills is more than $5,000. You may get confused since the minimum PIP mentioned above is $10,000 while the monetary threshold indicates $5,000. This is where the help of a personal injury attorney or an experienced healthcare provider becomes very important. It requires professional knowledge and experience to calculate and quantify the pain and suffering that the injured party sustained.

If you or your loved one suffered injury, you may be entitled to file a No Fault case in Hawaii. Be sure to seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney or a healthcare facility accepting no-fault cases to get what is due to you. Remember that auto accidents entail financial burden; you certainly want to get the maximum benefit and compensation for all injuries you have suffered.

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