Are You Still not Sure When to Hire a Discrimination Lawyer? Read This!

There are many settings in which discrimination can rise. These include employment, education and residential places. If you feel that you have been given unequal treatment because of your race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or disability, you need to get a discrimination lawyer to defend you. The importance of getting the help of a Discrimination Lawyer is that they assist you get equal treatment. However, before you hire an attorney, there are several things that you need to have in mind.

What to think about before hiring a lawyer

The first thing you need to think of is your comfort level. Decide if you are ready to share some intimate personal information with a lawyer because this is the nature of discrimination cases. The second is the credentials of the lawyer in question. Ask if he has handled other cases before and how successful he was. Other things to have in mind are the cost of the whole process and the availability of the lawyer. Once you have considered these things, you can choose either to proceed or not.

How the lawyer will help you

The first thing a lawyer will do is listening to your case carefully. They would use their experience to determine whether there is a genuine reason why you were treated like you were or if you were discriminated. They will then help you file discrimination and retaliation complaints with the EEOC. In the complaint, they will list down all circumstances surrounding your case.

The other service that they will offer is litigation in cases of personnel action. For instance, they can help you challenge suspensions, demotions, denial of within grade increases, unlawful and unjustified transfers and wrongful termination. In this case, they will have your employer stand before the commission and justify his acts. If he is found guilty, you will either be reinstated or terminated. Other services that are offered by these experts include:

1. Shielding whistle blowers against acts of retaliation

2. Assisting in obtaining disability retirement compensation

3. Defense for the Hatch act

4. Resolving reduction in force issues

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