Are You Ready For An Unmanaged VPS?

More and more companies are choosing to use a VPS or virtual private server over shared hosting or dedicated server hosting services. It is a cost-effective, secure option that allows the website owner to have root privileges to make changes without all the responsibility of a dedicated server.

An unmanaged VPS is a bit different than a managed VPS service. To determine the unmanaged or the managed version is the best match for your needs, consider the following pros and cons of this hosting option.

The Benefits Summary

To help to understand the benefits of choosing the unmanaged VPS, a closer look at what this offers is always helpful. This type of hosting options will:

 * Allow you to choose the specific parameters or limits on the server. This includes the amount of bandwidth you need, the memory and the storage space.You will have full control of these allocations and how you wish to configure the server.

 * Provide the software installation that will be entirely up to you without any programs installed that may result in conflicts with software you wish to use.

 * Allow you to have a private server without all of the costs and hours of work associated with a dedicated private server.

 * Provide freedom to customize and make changes as needed, scaling your online business up very quickly without having to wait to upgrade to a new plan or hosting company.

 * Provide your IT team with the blank canvas needed to create the specific services required for your business.

The one issue to consider with unmanaged VPS is the unmanaged part of the equation. While there is much less work than with a dedicated private server, it is not the same as a shared server where the management is largely provided by the hosting company.

The good news is that top providers make this very easy with control panels and top VPS management software and dashboards for easy management.

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