Are You Eligible for Free Home Care?

Costs are soaring for medical expenditure in America today. Fortunately, some programs exist to prevent that from completely swallowing anyone up. As medical costs and requirements are often highest for seniors, Medicare exists to protect all of our seniors. Medicare pays for a wide variety of things, such as prescription drugs, doctor’s visits, hospital trips, and many more medically related things. In fact, in some instances, you can actually be eligible for free home care through Medicare in Bellmore. Here’s how to tell if you can get such care.

Skilled Nursing Services
It all comes down to whether you are in need of skilled nursing services. Skilled nursing services are anything that you would need a trained nurse to perform on you. Injections, catheter changes, tube feeding, any medical procedure counts as part of skilled nursing services. Medicare covers a good deal of such services, 28 hours a week with a maximum of 8 hours a day, although under special circumstances, it can be as many as 35 hours a week. This is just to provide those specialized services, though, and isn’t free home care.

Free Home Care
The home care part is covered in addition to said skilled services. So, if you are in need of injections regularly or anything like that, Medicare will also cover a home care aide to help you with the routine, household chores, cooking, getting dressed, that sort of thing. This is only available if you need nursing services, too, however, so if you only need personal care, you won’t get the Medicare benefit.

No matter how free the service is, you still want to make sure you are able to get the best in home care that you possibly can. To find yourself top-notch free home care in Bellmore, try out Long Island Family & Elder Care.

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