Are White Fillings in Round Rock TX Right For You?

White Fillings in Round Rock TX are current fillings that can be placed as a replacement on old silver or metal fillings. The reason behind their new found popularity is white fillings are considered better because the color is similar to the tooth and are more aesthetic. But do you know what they are made and if they are a good fit for you?

The main component of white fillings are dimethacrylate, diglycidyl, or bisphenol. A whose resin and mechanical properties are well studied because the color, strength and toughness are very similar to what would be tooth enamel. However, dentists study their biological effects in people less so. The fundamental limitations to know involve the difficulty of measuring the components in the body even though they are considered as an organic substance.

Metallic substances, like metal fillings, are easy to measure and can let dentists know their effects on the body. Furthermore, classical toxicology admits that small amounts of a substance are not toxic to the body and changes in the field of toxicology state that small amounts of these substances found in saliva or blood will have repercussions on hormone functions. The only problem is that experts do not know how and to what extent it can affect people.

To summarize all this, experts say they lack sufficient data to know the impact of these resins in the human body and the data they do have advises caution on this issue in anticipation of what future research can provide the industry.

On the other hand and according to other studies, dentists do know that the durability from an amalgam (metal) filling is approximately 7-12 years, and the durability of a white filling is between 4.5 to 6.5 years. Therefore, although White Fillings in Round Rock TX provide you with a more pleasing look, their mechanical properties are less intense than “metal”. It is very important to consult with a professional so they can advise you on the most suitable procedure. Remember that scheduling a consult is the best way to determine this. For more information on fillings and other dental procedures, contact Business Name today.

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