Are Temporary Dentures in Dumas, TX Right For You?

Many people know that the restoration of damaged or lost teeth can take a long time. And at some stages, the patient has to put up with the temporary absence of a tooth. In such cases, the aid of a temporary prosthesis may come into play. Dentures in Dumas, TX may be the perfect fit if you have lost teeth.

Temporary dentures can be necessary in many cases. The most common of them is the period of time required for the manufacture of a permanent prosthesis. It’s known that such dental prostheses, like bridges and crowns, take a few weeks to be prepared in a dental lab. Depending on the size and complexity of the design and the clinical case, as well as their fitting and adjustment, it could take even longer. In this case, the patient is forced to go without, or with a prepared tooth.

Temporary dentures are both removable and non-removable. The former include immediate dentures, popularly called “butterflies”. Typically, it is one, or two artificial teeth, produced mostly from a special hypoallergenic plastic. They are fitted on the sides with nylon “petals” for attachment to the neighboring teeth. Modern materials allow dentists to manufacture soft tissues of the oral cavity and the tooth, in a completely natural way. It completely mimics the anatomical shape and color of the enamel of adjacent teeth.

The fact is that during implantation, there are often contraindications when installing immediate loading implants with permanent crowns. This is due to the fact that the implant needs time to engraftment and osseointegrate. Temporary crowns are made of lighter plastic and are suitable for wearing during the healing of the implant.

Contraindications for temporary prosthetics

It should be noted that, in some cases, it is necessary to accept the temporary discomfort and unaesthetic view of a smile, as there are several contraindications when installing temporary dentures. As for immediate dentures, there are virtually no contraindications. However, if the patient has inflammation of the soft tissues or poor oral hygiene, the installation should be held off until the problem is solved.


Prices for temporary Dentures in Dumas, TX are considerably lower than for fixed dentures. The cost of a temporary prosthesis depends on the price category and kind of prosthesis (crown, bridge, butterfly, etc.), material manufacturing, and many other factors. Contact Panhandle Dental to schedule an appointment for dental services by calling us at (806) 677-0202.

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