Are Shrink Sleeve Labels the Best Packaging for Your Product?

In just a few years, shrink sleeve labels are now used on over 10% of all packaging materials as the perfect labeling solution. There are many advantages to using these labels as you can control costs and improve your brand identity without affecting sales of your product or packaging decisions.

The Ability to Extend Your Brand Identity

As an extremely efficient cost-effective method of presenting and decorating your product, shrink sleeve labels can help you reduce the overall size of both glass and plastic containers.

The printable area is maximized without needing to print directly onto the container during the manufacturing process. Where the contours of the packaging have been difficult to apply labels in the past, while maintaining a great design, shrink sleeve labels avoid any of these problems, which is why they are so popular.

Maintaining your brand identity is easier with a labeling system that is heat shrunk onto the product’s packaging. By covering the content, which can include the cap of the container where necessary for safety and security, you have 306° of advertising space to market your brand, provide consistency with your logo and labeling and improve the impact of your product on the shelf.

Because the labels sit so closely to the packaging, they are unlikely to break or fade away from the product. This means that the on-shelf impact is going to be as good on the day it arrives from manufacturing to the date it is sold.

By providing a substantial element of product safety and security, the design can include a tamper-evident seal which the consumers expect to see. When the designers of shrink sleeve labels make it very straightforward for the consumer to open a container yet retain the remainder of the label on the packaging, this increases the possibility of the purchase.

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