Are Marble Countertops the Right Choice?

Are you thinking about upgrading your St Paul home? Without updating the counters your new kitchen may not look very “new” or modern. Stone counters are some of the best materials you can use and marble countertops are a good choice for several reasons. Let’s discover some of the many benefits of installing marble in the home.

What is Marble?

Marble is formed deep within the earth after millions of years of pressure and heat. As small pieces or dolomite and limestone gradually weave their way through the rock, it takes on some very interesting and unique characteristics. Eventually all these particles crystallize to become the beautiful counters you see today.

Readily Available

Some types of stone are not easy to locate and it can take some time to find exactly what you are looking for in just the right colors. However, this is not the case with marble countertops in St Paul. You can easily find them with most local suppliers and they usually have excellent choices already in stock.

Easy to Work with

Do you want ornate designs or do you have special shapes in mind for your counters? Some types of stone are difficult to work with because they are so hard. Marble is not as hard as most stone, so it is easier to cut and form. In other words, it’s far less likely to crack or chip while being cut, so you can enjoy just about any shape and size you want.

Because it’s easy to work with, it takes less time to install. So you can save money on installation costs.

Beauty That Shines

Most types of stone are not bright and shiny. If you like counters which shine you will appreciate marble. Your new counters will look good for many years and have a luster and appearance you simply can’t get from most natural stone materials.

Great for Food Preparation

Working on some counters can be a real problem but not with marble. You can do a great deal of food preparation right on the surface. Most foods will not stick and if you accidentally set a hot pot or pan on the counter, it shouldn’t be a problem. Just be careful with acidic type foods like tomatoes and lemons.


With reasonable care and maintenance, your marble countertops should last for many years in your St Paul home. They will not fade over time or stain if kept clean. To ensure long life and few problems, stone counters should be installed by professionals. In fact, your counter pros have many years of experience and are there to assist you with the process from selection through installation.

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