Applications of Plastic Shot Blasting Media

When it is time to prepare the surface of metal components before finishing or painting, one question is frequently tossed about by professionals: “What is the right abrasive for the task?” For numerous industries, while many options are currently available, plastic shot blasting media provides the best choice.

Blast Media Applications

Although blast media can be used in all industries and businesses, it is particular used in the following industries as maintaining parts for their various machines is important:
• Automotive
• Marine
• Aerospace/Aviation
• Military
• Railroad

For these industries, maintenance personal who oversee keeping parts as perfect as possible over time use plastic media to remove paint, powered coatings, and primers from vehicles, machines, aircrafts, and their components. However, it is also utilized to address other issues. These include:
• De-burring of various machined and/or manufactured parts
• De-flashing of plastic or aluminum cast components
• Cleaning the surfaces of both molds and dies
• Reconditioning
• Cleaning hard deposits from substrates
• Removing rust and other forms of surface oxidation
• Removing epoxies

Plastic shot blasting media applies in usage to a variety of metals and other materials. It can be used to strip paint completely from the following substrates:
• Aluminum
• Brass
• Fiberglass
• Plastics
• Rubber
• Steel
It can also remove powder coatings and other imperfections from many composites.

Plastic Shot Blasting Media

Plastic media blasting abrasive is perfect for use on softer substrates. It is less aggressive than other types of blast media but still produces the desired results. It deburs, deflashes, and cleans molds efficiently and cost-effectively. Moreover, it is safe for workers to use and environmentally friendly. This makes it ideal in the eyes of many industries and those who set industrial environmental standards.