Applications For Purchased Lead Ingots For Sale

In Roman Britain, finding lead ingots for sale would not have been a novelty. The popularity of the material resulted in its shipment around the Roman world. This also accounts for the amounts found in sunken ships off the coasts of several countries. Then, as now, diverse groups, including industrial concerns, found uses for lead and lead ingots was a convenient way to ship it.

What Are Lead Ingots?

Lead ingots have several names. Some pertain to the shape – usually simple and ready for processing:

1. Pigs
2. Bullion
3. Bars  

They do not come in a specific size. They can be as small as an ice cube to as large as a block of ice. They may less than a pound or over 75 pounds. The bluish-white metal is pure, soft, malleable and easily formed into semi-finished and finished items. As ingots, producers, shippers and purchasers alike find them easy to pack and store before they put them to their ultimate application.

Applications of Lead Ingots

Although restrictions apply today, lead ingots still perform diverse functions. While some still purchase lead ingots for sale for personal use e.g. making fishing sinkers, industries and researchers also rely on this metal for the construction of certain items.

Lead ingots are integral for a very specific use. This includes the manufacturing of three very specific products:

1. Radiation shielding structures
2. Nuclear shielding structures
3. Counterweights and trim weights (ballast)

The former is popular among researchers; the latter in marine applications e.g. ship ballast. Other uses include:

Hardened Glass
Thermal Expansion machines
Lead wire

Precautions when Working With Lead Ingots

Those who purchase lead ingots for sale need to take precautions when working with the metal. Lead fumes present a serious health hazard. Always utilize the designated safety equipment at all times. Be sure when you melt it into the appropriate shape, you are working in a well-ventilated space and/or wearing the proper equipment.

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