Appealing a Denial Through a Social Security Disability Attorney

Social security disability benefits are designed to help individuals with mental or physical impairments. The process required to file an application for these benefits requires the disabled individual to provide evidence. In most cases, this evidence is their medical records. However, further analysis is needed in some cases.

How the Process Begins
The applicant must complete an application online for their state. The Social Security Administration evaluates each application to determine if all information was presented. Applicants who need assistance in filing these requests may acquire help from a caseworker. They will explain each question to the applicant and help them find the information needed. The applicant could also utilize the services of a social security disability attorney for these purposes.

The Next Step
The Social Security Administration will schedule appointments for the applicants based on their condition. During these appointments a medical examiner will evaluate the applicants condition. Their findings are reported back to the Social Security Administration who makes a final decision. All applicants who are approved will receive documentation about their benefits. If they are denied benefits, the Social Security Administration must provide a reason.

Filing an Appeal
The applicant must file an appeal quickly. The waiting period for the appeal could equate up to one year after filing a motion. A disability attorney will help the applicant represent their case during the appeal. They’ll need conclusive medical records to show that they are unable to work due to their condition. This includes all industries including those in which they have worked previously. If the individual has never worked, they must show evidence that defines when the condition started and how it stopped them from working.

Applicants who win their disability appeal receive a settlement. The value of the settlement is defined by the starting date on their claim. If the condition started in earlier life, they may receive a larger settlement based on their medical evidence.

Social security benefits help disabled individuals support themselves financially. They receive these benefits according to a mental or physical condition that impacts their lives. Any applicants who were denied these benefits should contact a social security disability attorney by visiting today.

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