Animal Hospital in Hartford County, CT: Knowing When To Take Your Dog

When it comes to the medical needs of your dog, there are two different places you can take them. You can take them to a standard veterinarian clinic or you can take them to an Animal Hospital in Hartford County, CT. You would take your dog to an Animal Hospital in Hartford County, CT instead of a veterinarian clinic if your dog is experiencing a medical emergency. Naturally, these makes a lot of pet owners wonder when they should be taking their beloved canine to an animal hospital instead of making an appointment with the vet.

Dog Trauma

Trauma is defined as a serious and possibly even stressful injury. This may include your dog falling, getting hit by a vehicle, getting shot, or getting in a fight with another animal. You should treat traumatic events no differently than you would if your dog were a person. You need to get them to an animal hospital as soon as possible

Difficulty Breathing

Dyspnea is defined has having trouble breathing. When a dog is having trouble breathing you may notice: wheezing, weak and raspy breathing, and/or choking. A dog can have trouble breathing for a lot of reasons including: an allergic reaction, something stuck in their throat, or a heart disease. You do not want to waste time thinking about what to do if your dog is having trouble breathing.

Vomiting and/or Diarrhea

A little bit of vomit or diarrhea is normal. It is how the body naturally expels chemicals, toxins, and anything else it just did not want to consume. If your dog has started to vomit or have loose bowel movements for more than 24 hours this is a sign of a more serious problem.

When you are thinking about the medical aspects of your dog’s life and well-being you have to stop thinking that they are just a dog and start telling yourself they are a member of the family. Dogs are not really that different from people when it comes to getting sick.


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