An Overview Of Ultherapy In Suffolk County, NY

Ultherapy is a cosmetic treatment that achieves firmer skin. The primary target of the treatment is the neck and chin. The process has become quite popular since it is a non-invasive treatment and doesn’t cause severe pain. It is an alternative to a mini-face lift procedure.

How Does Ultherapy Work?

The procedure uses ultrasound pulses to treat the desired areas. Its purpose is to stimulate the production of collagen. It is collagen that affects the firmness of the skin. Without proper production of collagen, skin begins to sag.

As women and men age, production declines. Skin sags and develops wrinkles. Ultherapy in Suffolk County NY is designed to reduce these signs of aging and improve the firmness of the skin.

Why Choose Ultherapy?

Patients won’t experience the risks of surgery with the procedure. It isn’t surgery; it’s a procedure. The typical side effects of surgical procedures are also avoided entirely. This helps to reduce the recovery time after the procedure is completed. Patients are less likely to develop an infection, and the procedure is painless.

What Results Can Patients Expect?

Patients have reported firmer skin that appears younger after the first treatment. This doesn’t mean that all patients receive the same results. Some patients require further procedures. Their cosmetic surgeon makes a recommendation after examining their skin.

What Side Effects are Likely?

The side effects of the procedure are minimal. Patients may experience slight swelling. Their skin may be flushed. There could be puffy skin around the target area. These side effects won’t last for more than a few hours after the procedure is finished. However, at the onset of any other side effects, the patient should contact their cosmetic surgeon immediately. Further side effects could be the result of allergies or other underlying conditions.

Ultherapy in Suffolk County NY is a beneficial cosmetic treatment. It helps women and men to reduce sagging skin around their neck and chin. The process isn’t an invasive surgery. The patient won’t undergo any anesthesia for the treatment. It is performed in the doctor’s office on an outpatient basis. To discover more about treatment contact a cosmetic surgeon or you can try here today.

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