An Orthopedic Specialist Who Treats Arthritis in Stockbridge GA

Of the many chronic ailments that plague people, arthritis stands out. The two that are most common are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. As many as 46 million American adults have been diagnosed as suffering from some form of arthritis. As much as technology in medicine is increasing, arthritis cases are still rising in alarming numbers each year. An orthopedic specialist that treats Arthritis in Stockbridge GA has helped patients who deal with the many forms of arthritis. Following are some of the ways in which arthritis is treated.

Arthritis has been around for hundreds of years. Traditional medical practitioners, as well as alternative medical practitioners, have tried to find ways to bring relief to the sufferers. However, there are at least a 100 types of known arthritis, and more are popping up. It is difficult to find a sure-fire method for dealing with them all. One thing for sure that is recommended by all who treat arthritis is that the patient must use the joint that is inflamed. As difficult as that may be, orthopedic specialists ensure patients learn to increase the mobility of their affected joints by using rehabilitative therapy.

The recommendations that come to those who suffer from osteoarthritis, considered the most common form treated, are exercise and weight loss. The more weight the sufferer loses, the less stress on the joints. Injections, physical therapy, and medications are also used as needed. Those with rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory conditions are given more aggressive treatments. The popular drug known as Prednisone was used but was found to have many adverse side effects. Currently, these form of arthritis are being countered with such drugs as Humira and Enbrel.

ChiroCare Rehabilitation Center has been providing orthopedic solutions to patients in Honolulu, Stockbridge GA for over 25 years. Among the health care provided at the rehabilitation clinic are physical therapy, injection therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, radiofrequency ablation, and diagnostic services. Whether your condition is related to arthritis, fibromyalgia, sports injuries or occupational injuries, ChiroCare Rehabilitation Center handles it all. There you can find out about the chief orthopedic specialist. You can Meet Dr. Allen

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