An Instant Improvement: Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions in Costa Mesa CA

Eyelashes frame the eyes and protect them against dust and debris. They are also an important facial feature. Long, thick lashes define the eyes and make them look larger. Light lash colors and thinning lashes may not highlight the eyes adequately and can even cause people to look tired or ill. Mascara temporarily helps to thicken, lengthen and darken lashes. Many women apply mascara even on makeup-free days. The product works adequately in many situations, but not all. Regular mascara streaks and washes away with sweat, tears or water. Waterproof mascara is longer-lasting but known to flake and clump. Both options need constant reapplication to make the lashes look their best.

Lovely Salon & Cosmetic Center in Costa Mesa CA offer a convenient option that is not as invasive, or expensive as permanent lashes. The process is done in a salon with individual synthetic eyelashes applied to the lids. The esthetician creates a custom look and avoids overcrowding the lid by adding one lash at a time. Most semi-permanent applications last for about one year. The entire process will take about two hours to complete.

The results are instant with semi-permanent eyelash extensions in Costa Mesa CA and it has very few risks. It is safe to curl the lashes and to apply mascara and the salon technicians will explain what products are best. Because the lashes are held in place with an adhesive, it is important to avoid oil-based cleansing products or makeup that could loosen the lash. Exposure to high heat, such as in a shower or sauna, could also cause damage.

Additional options for lashes include permanent lashes and lash tint. Each individual eyelash is inserted directly into the skin with permanent lashes. Lash tinting is another way to darken them without applying makeup. The tinting is done with a special dye and lasts about 3-4 weeks. Only a trained professional should perform the tinting to protect the safety of the eyes. Many women choose to have their eyebrows tinted at the same time their eyelashes receive the dye. Check out website to learn more about cosmetic treatments and skin care services available in Costa Mesa CA. Make an appointment online or contact the salon with any questions.

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