An Emergency Dentist in Highland Park Can Save an Injured Tooth

Even if a person takes very good care of their teeth, dental emergencies can happen at anytime. An accident can result in the loss of teeth or biting down on something hard when eating can chip a tooth. If a dental emergency takes place after hours or on a weekend, the dental patient may be forced to wait several hours to get help from their dentist. However, tooth pain can be excruciating and waiting just a few hours for help can be too much for many people.

Fortunately, many dental practices offer emergency dental services 24 hours a day, so patients can contact a dentist for an appointment to get help for a broken or cracked tooth, broken dentures or a lost filling. When there is a dental emergency and someone needs an emergency dentist in Highland Park, they can help their dentist save their tooth with by reacting quickly the emergency happens. If a child’s permanent tooth or an adult tooth is knocked out, it needs to be kept moist at all times. If possible, the tooth needs to be put back in the socket without the root being touched or it can be put in milk until they can get emergency dentist in Highland Park.

If someone cracks a tooth, their mouth should be rinsed with warm water in order to clean the tooth area. Then, to keep the area from swelling, cold compresses or ice should be applied to the face near the tooth that was cracked. For any toothache, the mouth should be rinsed with warm water to cleanse the area. If food or other objects get stuck in between teeth, the best way to remove objects is by attempting to use dental floss to get it out. Sharp objects or pointed objects should never be used to extract the object and aspirin shouldn’t be used on the tooth or gums. By knowing what to do and reacting quickly, the patient can help save their tooth or minimize the damage to their teeth or mouth. An appointment with an emergency dentist at North Suburban Dental of Highland Park also needs to be made as quickly as possible.