An Attorney in Junction City KS Represents Clients in Various Legal Matters

Chances are in your life that you might need a lawyer for legal advice or representation. You might need advice on how or if to fight a traffic ticket. You might need legal representation for a criminal case for which you are being prosecuted. You may be looking for someone to represent you in a medical malpractice suit you are instituting. Or, you just might need some advice on a will or some matter concerning probate law. There is an Attorney Junction City KS who does and is willing to look at any legal issues you may have.

One of the scenarios today that a lot of people are involved in legally are personal injury suits. An Attorney Junction City KS takes on personal injury cases. Here are some facts and information surrounding personal injury cases in Kansas. Personal injury suits fall under a branch of legal practice called tort. Tort is one has been wronged and/or injured personally and is in a position to collect financially on damages. Personal injury lawsuits have time limits, called statutes of limitations. In Kansas, this time period is two years after the date of the injury. After that period, your chances of collecting on the injury becomes next to impossible.

In Kansas, the “comparative fault” rule applies, which means that you can be sued in turn as being partially responsible for whatever damage you claim happened to you. Your own negligence can be proven and determined in such cases. Unless you have a pretty strong case otherwise, you will only be able to collect on what is determined in court is not your fault. For example, if it is determined that an accident was 25 percent your fault, you will only collect 75 percent of the damages.

Oleen Law Firm has been providing legal protection to residents of Junction City, Manhattan, and the other surrounding areas in Kansas for many years. Their areas of expertise lie in Family Law, Traffic Law, Personal Injury, Criminal Law, and Wills and Probate. Whatever your need, they provide legal remedy. If you need an Attorney Junction City KS, you can visit the website of Oleen Law Firm Junction City KS,, for more information.


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