America And Prophecy: Is There Hope?

Sometimes it seems that no matter where you look or no matter what television, computer or smartphone you turn on, there is nothing but bad news. And this news is not just bad, it is sickening, disheartening and enough to make anyone just want to forget about it all. Some people believe that this is the end result of America and prophecy that foretells what happens to nations that turn away from biblical principles and embrace an immoral, corrupt and spiritually bankrupt way of life.

Yes, it is true that there has been much written about America and prophecy and how the downfall of the country seems to be lurking just over the horizon. However, every single generation has faced adversity and what seemed, at the time, to be the final stages of the country and yet it continues to exist today. After all can you imagine how the early Americans in the Civil War felt when the country seemed to be tearing itself apart with approximately 620,000 men, or 2% of the total population, killing itself.

Can Faith Have An Impact On America and Prophecy Writings?

A great many religious leaders today see this decline in America, what may seem as a time of great risk for America and prophecy, as a call to turn to prayer, fasting and faith. These leaders believe that this is a test that allows Americans to change their ways and go back to the biblical teachings that founded the country.

This includes Christians joining together for regular prayer, revival and spreading the world of the gospel. It also means Christians making more informed decisions when it comes to electing political leaders and choosing how to use their civil rights to influence those in power.

What Information is Available on American and Prophecy?

Finding information on America and prophecy, not just about the obvious signs of decline and lack of faith but with regards to returning to God is not always easy. There are some top websites, radio shows and even video presentations that have knowledgeable, biblical speakers that are working to help churches and people turn back to God and seek his mercy.

There is still hope for America, and prophecy writers and experts agree that returning to faith, prayer, fasting and a true change in the hearts of America does have the power to bring about healing and restoration.

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