All You Wanted To Know About Replacing Water Heaters

Are you planning to replace the water heaters of your house? How did you determine that the appliances needed to be replaced? They might just need minor repairs. Whether the appliances need to be repaired or replaced can be correctly determined by an experienced plumber. However, you need to know the signs that indicate faults with the appliances, which will help you to call a professional on time for replacement/repair. Given below is a short discussion on a few of those common signs:

Signs of Problem

  • Weird or abnormal noises when the appliances are switched on/working are one of the most common signs of problems.
  • Rust colored or tinted water is another sign of problem with the appliances. It indicates rust inside the appliances, which can badly affect their functionality.
  • If the water is not as hot as expected, it is a sign of faults with the appliances.
  • If you notice pools of water on the floors or areas where the appliances are installed, this may indicate leakages. Leaking heaters should be replaced.

Replacing the Appliances

Generally, gas heaters last for about 8-12 years, while the electric ones are known to work efficiently for about 10-15. Tankless water heaters are known to last longer than both the types. So, consider the type of water heaters you have, and for how long are they being used.

If you have been advised by a professional to replace the water heaters of your house, you should take your time to research well before choosing. There are a number of different types and sizes available in the market. There are certain criteria based on which you can choose, like –

  • Amount of hot water do you need every day.
  • Type that is most suited to your needs (electric, solar, gas, or tankless types).
  • Your budget.

Should you choose tankless water heaters?

These days a large number of people are replacing their old water heaters with tankless ones. One of the major benefits of using tankless types is that they are energy-efficient, which will help to reduce your utility bills. As the water is heated instantly, there is less consumption of electricity. Moreover, they are easy to install.

Are you are noticing any or all of the above-mentioned signs of problems and really think that the heaters of your house need to be replaced? Remember, when it comes to replacing water heaters, Port Orchard is where a few of the reputed service providers are based.