All You Need to Know About E Cigarette Cartomizers

If you are thinking of smoking e-cigarettes, you need to understand how it works. E-cigarettes are very different from conventional cigarettes. They are powered by a battery and require no flame. You may have heard words such as cartomizers, atomizers or drip tips. E-cig terminology can be difficult to grasp at first, but once you understand how these sleek devices really work, you will begin to understand all of these complicated words. One of the most important components in an e-cig is a cartomizer. When buying an e-cig, knowledgeable buyers usually ask about the quantity of liquid that the e cigarette cartomizers can hold, as well as its effectiveness. If you have had no prior experience with e-cigs, here’s what you need to know:

What Is a Cartomizer?

When e-cigs were originally introduced, they consisted of three components combined together: the battery, the cartridge and the atomizer. Different variety of E cigarette cartomizers were not introduced at the time. The cartridge was topped up with e- liquid, which essentially generated the vapor. Whenever a person put the cigarette to their mouth and dragged, a switch would activate the battery. This would heat up the atomizer, which converted the e- liquid into vapor.

However, it wasn’t long before problems began to emerge in this design. Avid users soon began to complain of leakages while vaping or refilling the cartridges. People who were new to the world of vaping found this design too complicated. After much deliberation, the cartomizer was introduced. Essentially, the cartomizer was a combination of the atomizer and the cartridge built into a single unit. To use the e-cig, the cartomizer had to be screwed on to the battery. This effectively removed any leakage complaints or problems altogether.

How Does it Work?

Encased in a metallic or plastic casing is the dual coil atomizer. The coil itself is tightly covered with polyfill material so that the e- liquid can be easily absorbed. This is a significant upgrade when compared with older devices, which had the capacity to store just a few drops of e- liquid. One end of the cartomizer connects to the power source and the other has a rubber opening, from where the vapor is expelled. The cartomizer can also be refilled.