All About Tungsten Carbide Rods

Tungsten carbide rods are created from tungsten carbide, which is a strong and durable metal compound used in a variety of tools and tool parts. In general, tungsten carbide is two times stronger than steel and nearly double the density of steel. These rods are therefore durable and practically indestructible.

Uses for Tungsten Carbide Rods
These particular rods are generally utilized in cutting tools. They are also commonly found in heavy duty industrial equipment. They are used in milling heads, drills, drill bits, mold punches and more.

These particular rods are available in various grades and can be built to meet the particular project or equipment needs.

Tungsten carbide rods are often used for machining composite material including aluminum, magnesium alloys, carbon fiber, reinforced plastics and iron based alloys. They are used in large drills, micro drills, micro milling tools and reamers. These rods are sold in various sizes depending on the vendor’s need. For instance, sizes and shapes include tungsten carbide ungrounded rods, precision ground tungsten rods, precision ground tungsten carbide rod, sintered rods with one straight hole, etc. Most engineering manufacturers are able to create custom rods to meet the vendor’s need.

Tungsten Carbide Rods – Composite Rods
Composite rods are another type of tungsten carbide rods. The composite rods are suspended in a copper based binder for severe impact and wear applications. These rods are created with a coating of tungsten carbide particles. Tungsten carbide particles found in the rod generally measure 1/4”, 3/16”, 1/8”, and 1/16” when used for aggressive cutting or high wear applications. Smaller particles are used in tools that do not require as much strength and durability.

Purchasing Tungsten Carbide Rods
If you are in need of tungsten carbide rods then you will most likely find them at an engineering manufacturer that specialized in tungsten carbide tools and parts. Some manufacturers focus on tungsten carbide reclamation, which means they buy and sell tungsten carbide scraps. The scraps they buy are often grinded down and used to create brand new tungsten carbide parts including rods.

For further information on how to obtain these rods, call your local scrap yard, tungsten carbide scrap reclamation center, or your local carbide engineer and manufacturing company.

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