Airsoft Minigun Models Deliver an Interesting Option

Players with a serious passion for airsoft games know that one weapon just doesn’t serve all occasions and all game styles. When some versatility is needed to react to changing game circumstances or terrain, many players find themselves carrying both assault rifles and handguns. The airsoft minigun, however, provides a solid alternative for players who are extremely into the game.

What is a Minigun?

An airsoft minigun isn’t for the weak at heart. This piece of hardware is essentially a rotary cannon that brings an amazing level of firepower to the field. While not always welcome in every game, this highly realistic option can be an interesting addition to military-style scrimmages. Unlike standard assault rifles or handguns, the minigun has a tremendous capacity for firing. Some models, in fact, can easily handle up to 3,000 rounds a minute, peppering a field with pellets in an effort to really bring the “enemy” down.

Where this Style Can Enhance Play

An airsoft minigun is a serious piece of hardware. Considering its capability and its multi-barrel style of firing, however, it’s not necessarily appropriate for all styles of play. Pulling one of these out in a backyard game with a few friends, for example, might not be wise. These models are, however, ideal for:

*   Military or paramilitary training sessions – Simulating the heavy fire often found in real combat situations nicely, this type of airsoft gun can prove especially valuable for training sessions.

*   Capture the flag – When there’s a big enough field to justify this type of power, an airsoft minigun or two can really enhance the intensity of play in a capture the flag game. Just be certain the field is truly big enough to accommodate this type of barrage without wrecking the fun for players only armed with pistols or rifles.

*   Mock urban settings – On some fields meant to resemble urban assaults or military battlegrounds, these guns can take play to a whole new level.

Airsoft minigun designs are not starter weapons by a long shot. They are quite an investment for players with a serious passion for the game. Just be sure the field of play can accommodate such an amazing weapon before breaking it out.

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