After Your Accident, Should You Hire a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Duluth, MN?

Anyone who’s been seriously injured because of another’s negligence or actions may be wondering if they should file a personal injury lawsuit. Most people have had occasion to settle small insurance claims without legal assistance. However, serious injury cases are not the same situation, so the affected person may wonder if they should handle it on their own or not. A review of the basics may be helpful in deciding whether or not to consult a personal injury law attorney in Duluth, MN.

Don’t Wait Too Long

In Minnesota, the time period for filing a claim varies but cannot be ignored or the court will not hear the case. Also, accident investigations and obtaining witness statements should always be done as soon as possible.

Don’t wait too long. Consult an experienced personal injury attorney to find out how Minnesota’s statute of limitations applies in a specific case. In general, a claim must be filed within six years from the date the injury occurred, with these important exceptions:

* There is a four-year limit if medical malpractice or strict liability were involved.
* The limit in wrongful death cases is only three years.
* If the case involves a defective product, the time limit shrinks to only six months.

Insurance Companies Employ Their Most Experienced Lawyers and Adjusters for Large Claims

The adjuster who handles fender-benders won’t be allowed anywhere near a case involving a serious personal injury. The insurance company will pull out the “big guns”: people who spend their working lives trying to limit the amount of money paid out by the insurance company. They will try to find a way to deny the claim or shift blame to the accident victim.

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

* An experienced personal injury attorney knows what the claim is worth, improving the odds of a fair settlement.
* An attorney understands the legal process, ensuring important deadlines aren’t missed and all matters are legally handled as required.
* A knowledgeable attorney will be an experienced negotiator on your behalf.
* Most cases are settled before going to trial, but an attorney is indispensable if the case goes to court.

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