Advantages of Retractable Deck Awnings

The natural question that any person asks when they are first considering whether or not to purchase retractable deck awnings is what are the advantages. Well besides cost (versus the cost of installing a permanent roof structure) there are a few other advantages, as well.

Energy Efficiency

The first big advantage of retractable deck awnings is the ability to help reduce energy costs. When these retractable awnings are installed over an outside window they can actually provide a substantial amount of shade to cover the windows. This shade helps to lower the outside temperature near the outside windows, which in turn help to lower the overall cooling costs for the home. Some estimates conclude that the retractable awnings can reduce the amount of heat gained inside by as much as 77%. On top of that it will also reduce the amount of glare from the sunlight.


Another advantage of the retractable awning is the ability to extend and retract with shade whenever it is needed. Leave the awning retracted when it is nice outside and turn the deck into a sun deck. If it gets too hot outside or if the sun is too bright then just extend the awning to provide the needed shade.

UV Protection

A third benefit of retractable deck awnings is the UV protection that it can provide. Some, not all, of the materials used for the awning canvas is made with built in UV protection. Everyone knows that the harmful UV rays are bad for the skin. They are also bad for the furniture. UV rays can severely damage the upholstery and outdoor furniture. Over time, the UV rays can crack and then weaken the whole structure of the furniture to the point where it actually breaks. An awning with UV protection can provide protection against that.

Retractable awnings can be installed on virtually any type of outside surface. The can be installed on the outside wall, or they can be installed on top of a roofline. Installation is not that terribly difficult either though many people choose to have them professionally installed. This is primarily due to the fact that these retractable awnings are bulky and cumbersome to handle so one person cannot install it very easily.