Advantages Of Mounted Dodge Bearings

Bearings are an integral part of many kinds of equipment – both industrial and domestic. They help reduce friction and, therefore, wear and tear. In cities across America, companies rely on certain brands to ensure their machinery functions at its optimum. Among the favorites in the state of Texas are Dodge bearings. For over 120 years, as part of Baldor-Dodge, this company has been providing its customers with superior products, including mounted bearings.

What Are Mounted Bearings?

Mounted bearings serve a specific purpose. They allow the axis of the shaft to function perpendicularly or parallel to the bearing mount. This depends upon the type of mounted bearing. Essentially, there are three types of this self-lubricating component. They are:

1. Pillow Block
2. Flange Block
3. Hanger Bearings

No matter what type you choose, the bearings must be durable. The tasks they perform demand strength and stamina. As a result, common composition material is pressed steel or cast-iron.

Mounted Dodge Bearings

Companies in Texas have access to a variety of mounted bearings. Those available from Baldor-Dodge come in two major types: mounted ball bearings and mounted roller bearings.

1. Mounted Ball Bearings: Ball bearings are the most common type found in industrial usage. They may be sealed, opened or single shield. Baldor-Dodge mounted ball bearings have a reputation for low maintenance and dependable service.

2. Mounted Roller Bearings: Dodge offers both spherical and tapered mounted roller bearings. The Imperial roller bearing offers fast and easy installation and removal. The E-XTRA high capacity tapered roller bearings offers customers a variety of configurations as well as compatible mounting dimensions.

Dodge Bearings

Dodge has a fine reputation for producing superior and reliable products. It has a reputation for superior housed bearings. Over its 120 years of its existence, its devoted clients in Louisiana and Texas have come to recognize the quality, durability, ease of installation and removal and stamina of mounted Dodge bearings.

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