Advantages of Hail Damage Repair by PDR

Close your eyes and picture you and your family out for a pleasant Sunday afternoon drive, out of nowhere big black clouds appear on the horizon and in no time you find that you are now driving through a relentless hailstorm and there is no possible place for protection in sight.

Hail can be extremely damaging; hail can come in sizes as small as a pea and as large as a baseball but regardless of the size it can do serious damage to the surface of a car and the roof of a home. Everyone wants to get things repaired as quickly as possible, understanding just what the options are for hail damage repair in Charleston SC can save you considerable time and money.

If you do suffer hail damage to your car there are a number of things that you need to do, number one on the list of course is to contact your auto insurance company and report the damage.

Discuss the extent of the damage and the repair options with your insurance agent and a body shop. Depending on the extent of the damage the body panels may have to be pounded out, smoothed over with body filler, sanded and painted. There is a different approach that is well worth looking into, PDR, paintless dent removal. PDR involves the use of specialty tools in the hands of a skilled technician, the tools are designed to get into the underside of the dent where they are slowly manipulated to remove the dent without damaging or marring the paint finish. There is a limit to just what PDR can do, if the dent is quite large or the paint finish has already been destroyed then traditional repair methods are the only option.

If your insurance adjuster is of the opinion that PDR hail damage repair in Charleston SC can be employed ask the adjuster if they have shops that they recommend. If the answer is negative then treat it like finding any other reputable service; ask around for referrals or check with the Better Business Bureau.

Once you find a shop that answers your questions professionally and is willing to give names of satisfied customers that you can contact you will want to know how quickly the work can be done. Under normal circumstances this type of work can be done within a day but because there will be many cars damaged by hail you may find the best shops may take a little longer.

When the job is done, look at the work under fluorescent light, the results should be flawless.

Hail damage repair in Charleston SC can often be carried out by using PDR, paintless dent removal. If your car is damaged by hail you are invited to contact Rapid Recon where you can be sure of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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