Accident Lawyers in Baltimore Defend Bicyclists’ Rights

He recently got his first job making fries and burgers and was saving up for a car. In the meantime, he rode his bicycle to work. Late one afternoon he had almost reached work; he was approaching an intersection when a car pulled up from behind him and cut in front of him. There was no time to go around the car; it sideswiped his front tire and threw him into traffic where another car crushed his foot. He was unconscious when the EMTs arrived.

When he was finally able to talk to his parents, he didn’t really know what happened. He remembered the first car, but not any details. He knows nothing about the second car. The doctor said he has neck and back injuries that will need extensive treatment. They have already operated on the foot. His parents are afraid that this is going to cost a lot more than their insurance will cover and decide to consult with Accident Lawyers in Baltimore.

They learned that in bicycle accidents in Maryland, it’s critical to learn all the facts regarding the accident. Who was liable? The lawyer will talk to witnesses, investigate the scene, and learn everything possible. The lawyer also instructed him to keep a diary, detailing his pain, problems and thoughts. Record the impact this is having on his life, how it is affecting future plans. He had planned on starting college next year, and right now that is not likely. The requirements of the law are complex and he needs a good lawyer on his side.

Attorney David E. Fink has been fighting for the rights of accident victims since 1991. The Martindale-Hubbell National Attorney Rating Firm has awarded Mr. Fink the esteemed “AV Outstanding” rating, making him one of the preeminent Accident Lawyers in Baltimore. His practice defends the rights of injured people, whether it was in an accident, through medical malpractice or a work-related injury. Mr. Fink also handles insurance and criminal defense cases. He is included in The Bar Register of Pre-eminent Attorneys and is a frequent lecturer and author about Insurance Disputes and Worker’s Compensation.

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