Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie

Being intoxicated while driving is a serious offense. You can face legal problems ranging from revocation of license to fines to possible imprisonment. If you are on the victim’s side of things, you want to make sure that the person is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. For this, you should hire an Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie immediately after the accident. Browse website for more information.

What is the position of the driver if they were intoxicated?

If the driver was intoxicated, either by alcohol or narcotics, it will result in increased criminal liability. In the case of serious harm, the driver will be responsible for their actions criminally, the sanction for which is imprisonment for a number of years (years depend on the state you reside in). In case of death of the victim, you can face negligent homicide and an extensive prison sentence.

How is a driver’s intoxication content taken into account?

If the driver is not hospitalized, intoxication is determined during an examination procedure at the scene. If the driver is injured, the presence of alcohol is determined by a urine analysis, performed in the hospital. The ranking police officer will Issue the relevant documents at the scene or in the hospital (ticket, suspension of license, etc.), which is subsequently determined by the investigator. It is best to hire an Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie if you believe you can be charged with DWI or DUI.

What can the victim expect?

The victim can count on compensation of harm, both moral and material. The amount of moral damages awarded by the court in recent years have increased dramatically. Material damage consists of the amounts needed for compensation for damages caused to health (costs incurred for psychological treatment, medicine, and medicinal treatment). This includes lost wages, compensation for harm in connection with a death and reimbursement for funeral. To ensure you get the maximum amount a compensation, or to make sure you are defended well (if you caused the accident), contact an Accident Lawyer in Glen Burnie right away.

Auto accidents can be a trying time for all parties involved. But there is a way for everything to be okay. Hiring an attorney will ensure that you get the justice you deserve. For more information, contact the Jaklitsch Law Group today.

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